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Flying needs no Wings!

In the New Year when we are all hopeful that our lives will change in some way or another, below is a story that would help you understand and put into practice a technique to achieve that change!

What is written below is in the form of an exchange, which happened one day while I was meditating. Now, whether this exchange was the result of an active imagination, was with my subconscious mind or with a Divine Being etc,  is something I do not know and cannot prove. What I do know however is that this exchange led to a great learning for me and has had tremendous benefits in many aspects of my life. Here it is for your reading pleasures!

There was a period of time in my life where I would get recurring dreams of suddenly being able to fly. One day while sitting calmly I suddenly began having a conversation about this desire and here is what transpired. I have used the word "God" as that was my favorite way of addressing the Divine at that time but you are welcome to replace this with "Voice in P's head", "Divine", or any other term you choose :)

Me: God, I would really like to fly (this was a prayer)
God: So go ahead and fly (thus began the response)
Me: But I don’t have wings, how can I fly
God: I am telling you that you can fly right now, you don’t need the wings.
Me: Come on, God; stop teasing me and speaking in riddles. How can I fly when I don’t have wings?
God: All right then, if you don’t believe that you can fly without wings, I shall give you the wings to fly.
Me: Really God? Wow that’s wonderful, but I will also need a body that will be streamlined enough to fly.
God: Yes, that too shall happen! Your body will change and grow wings so that you can fly.

While still in the space of being connected  I see that I am very excited about the thought that I am going to fly and that I will have wings. The wings begin to form and grow in my back and the pain is excruciating. My initial excitement makes me able to tolerate the pain in the beginning but this pain gets worse and worse as my bones and muscles twist and turn. Then my skin breaks to allow the wings to come through and bones and muscles continue to take shape as the wings grow larger and my back needs to grow stronger. Similarly the rest of my body is in pain as my legs lengthen and my back develops to accommodate the excess weight. I try and bear the growth assuring myself that the rewards of flying would be worth all this pain. Half way through however, the pain becomes just too excruciating to bear and my entire body is feverish and trembling.

I crawl back to God and ask for the wings to be removed. I tell God that I just can’t bear the pain anymore and want my body and back to go back to the painless form they were in before the wings started growing. Or I request God to remove the pain even though the wings are growing.

God: I can’t remove the pain as your body must go through these changes and without experiencing this change, you will not be able to use the wings and the new body you have. Yes, I could remove the wings completely and you will feel like these last few days never existed at all. (The last few days are being seen by me as moments in time while in my meditative state)
Me: Yes, please (panting), please remove these, it is too painful I cannot even push my body up I am in so much pain.
God: All right then, here you are.
Me: (The pain has vanished and so have all the changes that were happening in my body. I am feeling light and wonderful once more in my previous body. But, my heart is heavy and I am crying and depressed.) Thank you God! (Through my tears)
God: Now, what’s the matter dear, I did what you asked me to do, why are you unhappy now?
Me: Because I will never be able to fly. I don’t have the wings and I can never again have the courage to have them grow. It was too painful. I am feeling so crushed.
God: But Child, I told you earlier as well that as far as I am concerned you do not need wings to fly. You can fly just as you are. You were the one who insisted on having wings and a streamlined body so I gave you what you wanted.
Me: (In a desperate howl). Oh God, Then show me how - how I can fly without having these wings!
God: It’s easy; just let your consciousness float and merge with one of the birds or other flying beings in the sky and you will be flying. Try it now.

So I do that, I allow my consciousness to detach itself and float up. All of a sudden I am in the sky and I come across a bird. I ask it for permission to join with its consciousness and fly with it, and it gives me that permission. Suddenly I felt like I was in a bird’s body. It was much smaller than I was used to and I felt confined for a while till I got used to it. But then it felt so wonderful, I could see through the bird’s eyes and the view and the colors looked very different. There were more pronounced greens and violets and the spectrum looked more yellowish. I could feel the rush of air around my body and rustling my feathers. I could feel my legs packed close to my body while flying. I could feel the movement of my wings, the slight movements to turn and swerve and carry me up in the air. It was fascinating and truly felt like flying. I then thanked the bird and decided to come back into my body.

Me: That was amazing God, I really did fly even though it was in a bird’s body, it really was flying! I could have experienced anything that I wanted to!
God: Yes, and similarly you can experience anything you wish. You can swim with the dolphins or crawl with the snakes.

Immediately my consciousness flew away again and I could feel myself in a snakes’ body, slipping and slithering effortlessly over leaves and grass. I could see around in the pitch dark like an x-ray. I could feel and taste the air on my tongue as it slipped in and out of my mouth.

And then all of a sudden I was in a dolphin, swimming, coming up and jumping in the air, communicating with my other dolphin mates. I was a young male just beginning to explore the world with my mother close by. It was like I was in a school of young dolphins, all of us learning together and being supervised by our parents. I could feel the joyous call I emitted every time I jumped out of water into the air in a synchronous move with the others. I felt the power, the water parting and rushing over me, the splash as I dove back in. The bubbles around me and the change in color from a light blue in the ocean to the bright white above, it was exhilarating.
And then I was once again back in my body.

God: So you see? You can be anything you want just by letting your consciousness move. Similarly in your daily life all you need to do is let your consciousness flow to being the person who has achieved what you want. Allow it to travel into time and space into being that person and feel how it is to be like that. The exhilaration, the confidence, the feeling of completion, of accomplishment - experience it and it will manifest exactly that way.
Me: You mean if I want to achieve something, all I need to do is experience being the person I would be once I have completed it? That’s all I need to do?
God: Yes, try it now.

I closed my eyes and let my consciousness float once more intending to be the person I would be once I achieved my desires. I felt the confidence, the thrill at having achieved. I felt the knowledge of having abundance and recognition. I felt the deep satisfaction and closure of having completed this step in my journey. I stayed like this for about a minute and then came back to myself.

God: See, that’s all you need to do, and you will achieve all that you want!

It was after experiencing this conversation that I was introduced to the “Teachings of Abraham” by Esther and Jerry Hicks and was thrilled to find the similarity in what they were teaching. I have used this technique several times and have found that it works wonders every time whether it is because I want to complete a presentation or report  or whether I want to heal a relationship or have a positive outcome in some other aspect. Try it out right now on some aspect of your life that you want to manifest and let the magic begin!

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