Welcome to this blog! I am an amalgamation of personalities, dare I say - fairly interesting ones ;). And these personalities - most of them - quite enjoy expressing themselves and getting to know others as well.

Whether it's health at every size or size acceptance; whether it's the counselling sessions I do or the breakthroughs I have in getting to know myself; my experiences on the Walk of Hope or my corporate avatar; I learn every day and intend to put my insights out here.

Hope you enjoy reading and happy to hear from you!

My favorite love affair - Loving ME!

Songs have been written about it, movies made and books have topped bestseller charts for capturing those moments of exhilaration. However, there is never a love story without its heart aches. No love story seems complete without hearing about the separation and longing, the trials and tribulations before the happy ending. Some of the most famous love stories in fact are of love unfulfilled, love that brought lovers to their end for want of any other way to stay together. Other famous love stories are about a few moments of intense passion in lifetimes of ordinary - ness and how we sigh over those moments. Is it possible to find love that is complete and forever - without the drama or the pain?