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Practical Tips to Wonderful Relationships

 Relationships are a key component of our lives. We have multiple and varied relationships which cause both joy and pain and are often the reason for how we lead our lives. Just as no person is perfect - "perfect" relationships are rare, yet it is possible to create wonderful relationships if one keeps a few points in mind.

For any relationship to be joyful, it is imperative that both persons in the relationship are free to be themselves and not portraying a different image. One may be striving to change oneself, but the motivation for that change needs to be driven by self development. Attempts to change driven by other's expectations can be frustrating and create resentment. If you are in such a relationship then start by being honest with yourself and identifying the little ways in which you can be more yourself.

Communication is key, research has shown that even if communicating in the same language, we react to words differently causing misunderstandings. Especially in conflict situations, it is necessary to step into the other's shoes before expressing or rejecting a point of view. To have a constructive discussion make it about different points of view and not who is right or wrong.

Address issues from the standpoint of how you are feeling today - do not bring up history as it will distract
you from dealing with the issue. Science shows that memories are snapshots of emotional states, not accurate recollections of events. No one can undo the past, so if history with a person is ruining your today, rather than wait for the other person - empower yourself. Use tools like EFT, TAT, rebirthing, h'oponopono to unburden yourself. You will feel better and so will the relationship!

When you can feel an argument beginning - take time out to think and calm yourself. Agitation always leads to conflict whereas a calm mind will help in finding solutions. The Arbinger institute, in their book leadership and self deception, talk about how we place blame on others when we feel guilty about not doing something ourselves. This is an unconscious reaction, so it is advisable to investigate the real cause for being upset before a discussion. Even if we do feel justified about our point of view, it is always more productive to convey it when both persons are calm.

Last but definitely not the least, ask for help from the angels and guides - your own as well as the other person's. Enter into a meditative state, imagine the way you would like the relationship to be and ask your guides and angels to educate all people concerned with the wisdom, maturity, forgiveness and love to achieve that. Thank everyone and yourself and open your eyes. Remember the joyful memory of the visualised state.

You may not remember any of this the first or even fifth time, but as long as you keep trying to implement these secrets - you will create wonderful relationships!

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